About advisorply

GP Company was set up in the year 1998, has emerged nationally as one of the most trusted unit in the plywood industry.

Stringent quality control checking are conducted at each and every stage of manufacturing, which is started from selection of Raw Material and carrying on last final stage of finishing the product. This is the only reason of growing the demands of our products the day to day basis. Demand of our products has been raising from every class of people throughout the India.

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Our Mission

To work in accordance with the clients’ requirement and exceed their expectations in terms of quality, cost control and time management.

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Our Vision

Our Vision has to provide the products with best quality. We think big we have gone from local market to national market. Currently we captured the national market……

Why choose advisorply

Made with best raw materials:

Raw material plays the important role in quality of plywood. ADVISOR is manufactured with the ingredients which are selected by utmost care by expert team. GURJAN wood, which is known for its strength worldwide, is used to manufacture BELORIA plywood. Apart from GURJAN we also use imported hard wood veneer to manufacture BELORIA plywood. PINE wood is used in block board and flush door for extra strength.

Bonded with well-made resin:

Phenol Formaldehyde resin forms a permanent & water proof bond. Panels bonded with PF resin at requite temperature and pressure does not deteriorate under wet conditions, heat or cold. Quality is further assured by in house manufacturing of PF or MUF Resins. Utmost care is taken to manufacture resins and these are incorporated with anti-borer and termite chemical during production to make the products withstand attack from borer and termite.

Made with India's most advance machineries:

Production is supported by number of hydraulic presses with are installed from India's best press manufacturer. Each hot press is handled by experience and expertise supervisor which offers a uniquely made plywood range of products. This is the reason why ADVISOR ply is so different and unique. Calibrated glue spreaders, double dimension DD saw, wide belt sanders are installed to carryout failsafe manufacturing.

Testing of products on high parameter:

The entire range of products undergoes extensive quality control processes to enable flawless finish product. Plywood samples are regularly tested in the lab, equipped with top line testing instruments, to check the product's conformity with the ISI specifications. Quality control inspectors inspects every panel with most stringent quality control norms.

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