MR/BWP Grade Block Board

Manufactured from battens of durable species of timber (Eucalyptus/Poplar/pine/mango) duly steam seasoned, sandwiched between, dryer dried, high quality veneers, bonded as per IS standards with imported face veneer, under controlled high pressure and temperature. The final product is treated chemically by dipping process to make it resistant to termite, borer and other destroying organism.

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Product Info

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Recommended Area of Application:-

Suitable for all kinds of interior & exterior woodwork like furniture of homes, offices, industries, wall paneling and other furniture etc.

Std. Thickness - (19,25mm)

The Technical Details

# Test Requirements of IS:1659 Interior and Exterior Test Result
1 Moisture test 5-15% Not More than +-1mm
2 Changes Caused by Humidity 8-10% Less than 0 6mm
3 Adhesion of plies Excellent Excellent
4 Water resistance 3 hour at 60c +2C 72 hour at 100 C More than 12 hour at 60C More than 72 hrs at 100 C
5 Mycological test Once cycle of 21 days Can undergo 3 Cycles of 21 days each without any edge separation
6 MOR AvgN/mm2 Min Ind .Avg N mm2 MDE Avg N/mm2 Min IND. Avg N/mm2 40/50 34/42 4000/5000 3400/4200 45/55 /nmm2 42/48 N/mm2 4500/5500 N/mm2 4200/4800 N/mm2